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the 500 some stairs to the very top. The view was incredible, and all of our legs were shaking when we got back down to the ground. It was awesome. Then we shopped at Harrods for awhile.

After shopping for a bit (and playing darts in Harrods--hehe) we boarded the busses for the trip down to Portsmouth where we would take the ferry over to France. We arrived in Portsmouth a little early, so we got out and stretched on a rocky beach. We threw stones at a buoy that was out in the water and ate 1 euro ice cream cones from the little shop on the other side of all the arcades. We then got back on the busses which drove right up into the ferry.

The rooms were small, but the beds were more comfortable then I would've ever thought. The walls between rooms were really thin (and therefore, noisy) so Amanda and I didn't get much sleep.

Day 3: June 18. After a very short night, Amanda and I woke up at about 5 am to take showers, eat breakfast, and be off the ferry at 6:30 in Le Havre, France. We had a three hour bus ride into Paris, on which most everyone tried to get a little more sleep.

We had a bus tour of Paris, and the traffic was pretty bad, so we didn't get to go in Notre Dame as planned (later in the Afternoon). Our first stop was at Roden's Garden where we saw "The Thinker" and "The Gates of Hell" among other works of his. It was amazing. The Thinker was thinking about eternity and what would happen to him after he died. We know this because he is also pictured on the Gates of Hell.

After eating lunch, we went to the Louvre (our time there was shortened due to traffic).

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